Our one-day Data Protection and Surveillance training covers everything you need to know about lawfully conducting surveillance.

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      Our one-day Data Protection and Surveillance training covers everything you need to know about lawfully conducting surveillance. Including key legislation such as the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act, our expert trainer will cover the law and practice of differing surveillance methods.

      The session will also explain the importance of restricting access to the data collected via surveillance equipment and how to lawfully share it, when necessary, and what the consequences are if the legislation is not adhered to.

      Course Content

      Part 1: Relevant Legislation

      • GDPR
      • Data Protection Act 2018
      • Freedom of Information Act 2000
      • Human Rights Act 1998
      • Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
      • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

      Part 2: Relevant Guidance

      • Code of practice for Surveillance Cameras and Personal Information (ICO)
      • ICO Checklist
      • Principles of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice

      Part 3: Compliance Tools & Balancing Interests

      • Stages of a Data Protection Impact Assessment
      • Compliance tools and templates
      • Passport to Compliance

      Parts 4 – 8: Surveillance Methods

      • Automatic number plate recognition
      • CCTV
      • Facial recognition
      • Body worn video/Body cams
      • Drones

      Part 9: Data Access

      • Relevant GDPR principles
      • Subject access requests
      • Covert operations

      Part 10: Consequences of Non-Compliance

      • Fines
      • Class action
      • Impact on human rights

      What's Included:

      • 1 day interactive course with experienced trainer
      • All course materials 
      • Quizzes
      • Surveillance Camera Commissioner DPIA Template

      Course Format

      The course will take 1 day to complete and will be held virtually.  

      There will be quizzes during the course. This is to ensure that all delegates have fully understood the training throughout the day.

      You will need access to Microsoft Teams and OneDrive throughout the course. All documents will be shared via OneDrive and sessions will be held via Teams.

      The course will start at 9:00 am and finish at 4:00 pm.


      Our course is great for

      This qualification is primarily aimed at those who need to have an understanding of data protection, and the GDPR in particular, to do their job, or those who are responsible for surveillance or need to provide advice in relation to surveillance or whose effectiveness in their role would be enhanced by knowledge of the law in this area.

      This qualification is likely to be of particular benefit to those working in the following areas:

      • Data Protection and Privacy
      • Information Governance, risk and compliance
      • Data Management
      • Project Management
      • Directors/Senior Managers with Data Protection responsibilities
      • Legal and procurement
      • Marketing and Sales professionals
      • Information Security and IT
      • Human Resources

      Purpose of the Training

      • Fully understand the legislation as it applies to surveillance
      • Know how to complete data protection impact assessments and other processes
      • Understand the consequences of non-compliance
      • Develop methods for balancing the aims of surveillance with the rights and freedoms of individuals
      • Understand how the legislation and guidance applies to real-life scenarios

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