Senior Information Risk Owner Course

Our Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) course fulfils a practical and interactive training need, helping you understand the SIRO role in depth.

Live online events

  • 20 March
    4 hours, 09:00 AM GMT - 01:00 PM GMT
    • £300.00 excl. VAT
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    Senior Information Risk Owners (SIRO) are usually Executive Directors or Senior Board members, and it can be tricky balancing this additional aspect of your role. This is where our SIRO course comes in. Developed by data protection practitioners with a wealth of experience, this course will help you understand and perform your SIRO role with complete confidence. 

    As a SIRO you are expected to understand how the strategic business goals of the organisation may be impacted by information risks. Expert Barry Moult will help you to understand how to identify and mitigate information security risks, and how to manage incidents. 

    Throughout the course we will look at why the SIRO is an important role in health and social care, along with your SIRO role in context of leadership governance and communications. 

    Our SIRO course is practical, interactive, and provides a sound foundation for those already in the role or looking to move into the role. 

    Course Content

    Part 1: The Senior Information Risk Owner Role, including:

    • SIRO role background and context

    • Core competencies and role requirements, and what this means for you

    • The responsibilities of the SIRO and how to ensure they are carried out

    • Interacting with other roles: including the Information Asset Owner, Data Protection Officer, Information Governance Lead, and Caldicott Guardian

    • Understanding decision making & accountability within the team

    Part 2: Legislation, including:

    • Understanding the Data Protection Act 2018

    • Understanding the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018

    • Definitions of data types referred to in the legislation

    • Ensuring compliance and protection of data rights

    Part 3: Data Security & Breaches, including:

    • Key considerations in data security

    • Privacy by Design and Default

    • Privacy Notices

    • Other relevant legislation, regulators, and toolkits

    Our course is great for

    This course will be of particular benefit to those working in the following areas:

    • Senior Information Risk Owners

    • Deputy Senior Information Risk Owners

    • Data Protection Officers working in health and social care settings

    • Those working in data protection that want to learn more about health and social care data

    • Senior managers who need to understand the sensitivity of data

    • Information Governance team members who want a better understanding of health and social care data

    Purpose of the Training

    • To identify the key risk areas SIROs need to be aware of 

    • To provide tools and techniques to help demonstrate compliance and provide assurance, including GDPR

    • To enable SIROs to have confidence in what compliance looks like

    • To understand the mechanisms to achieve compliance, including GDPR checklist

    • To promote questions and discussions

    What's Included:

    Course Format

    The course takes 4 hours to complete and will be held virtually.  

    You will need access to Microsoft Teams throughout the course. 

    The course will start at 9:00 am and finish at 1:00 pm.


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