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      The Data Breach Root Cause Analysis course is a must attend for all Data Protection Practitioners wishing to drill down into their data incidents and establish the root cause of data breaches beyond the usual “Human Error”.

      Course Content

      The course is centred around our own DPAS Data Breach Root Cause tool,  and the skills you come away with are:
      • An understanding of how to carry out a Data Breach Root cause analysis from start to finish. 
      • To risk assess your data breaches against our risk matrix model of Data Breach reporting. 
      • The tools and knowledge to collect the right data for your data breach investigation and how to undertake a non threatening investigation. 
      • How to drill down into People, Process and Technology causations to establish tes of the breach.
      • The ability to quantify the cost of each breach, the investigatory costs and the remediation costs a real plus point for when selling remediation and Data Protection to the c-suite. 
      • The development of trackable remediation plan to track learning lessons from each data breach. money in the long term 

      Purpose of the Training

      The benefits for you once trained include:
      • A real cost benefit of reduction in Data Breaches those protecting the business from compliance action and remediation costs. 
      • The development of a proactive “lessons learned” approach to future breaches and incidents effecting a cultural change.
      • The development of real time reporting and causation so that you can by default “design in data protection”. 

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