A workshop style course designed for non-experts in data protection, to ensure you comply and safeguard your data and reputations.

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      Recruitment agencies' data is all about people - whether clients, candidates, or staff placed. Data protection is about more than fines - it is about handling the data ethically, transparently, and lawfully.

      Where this goes wrong, reputations are harmed. If you work for public sector clients, this can damage your relationship with them. We know that individuals are more aware of the risks with their data, and are leaving companies that do not comply.

      This workshop tells you how to manage your data, be compliant with the Data Protection Act, and the marketing regulations under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. It's designed for non-experts, so you can ensure you comply, and safeguard your data and reputations.

      Course Format

      This training session lasts for 4 hours and will be facilitated on MS Teams.

      Course Content

      This course will cover the following topics:

      • Basics of data protection principles
      • What you need to know about:
        • Candidates
        • Individuals in placements
        • Clients
        • Your third-party providers
        • Websites you use, such as jobs boards
        • Electronic Marketing

      Our course is great for

      This course is primarily aimed at those whose effectiveness in their role would be enhanced by having an understanding of data protection, and the GDPR in particular.

      This course is likely to be of particular benefit to those working in the following areas:

      • Recruitment 
      • Human Resources
      • Data Protection and Privacy professionals
      • Information Governance, risk, and compliance
      • Directors/Senior Managers with Data Protection responsibilities

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